17 Reasons Why at The Fat Chance Bar & Grill, Albuquerque, NM, August 23, 1991 with Think Tank

This is the first recording of 17 Reasons Why, recorded onto 2 TDK SA100 Cassettes. Many of the songs are carryovers from Splinter Fish.

Set ListEdit

Hey Now (Splinter Fish)
In The End (Splinter Fish)
In The End 910823
Don't Take It Personally
Don't Take It Personally 910823
Vacant Flame (Splinter Fish)
Vacant Flame 910823
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams 910823
Bye Bye Bystander (Splinter Fish)
Bye Bye Bystander 910823
Mars (Splinter Fish)
Mars 910823
Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
Neptune Waits
Neptune Waits 910823
Bottle Take Your Soul
Bottle Take Your Soul 910823
Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno)
Baby's On Fire 910823
Scatter Dogs (Splinter Fish)
Scatter Dogs 910823
Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith)
Feel 910823
I Can't Explain (The Who)
Talk To Me
Talk To Me 910823
Deaf, Dumb, Blind
Deaf, Dumb, Blind 910823
Big Ones (Splinter Fish)
Big Ones 910823
Lines 910823
The Time Was
The Time Was 910823
Stopover 910823
Body Count
Body Count 910823
Rock Me Baby
Unnamed Blues Song
Good Times, Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)