This was DD's first gig with Lucky Tortoise. This gig marked the first ever performances of Goes Like This and Giving Up. Unfortunately the video camera battery ran out in the middle of Goes Like This.

This show was recorded on a roving video camera, so the audio quality changes drastically depending on where the camera was during the song. For some songs, the camera is behind the main speakers, so the relative volumes of the various instruments is either much softer or much louder.

Set ListEdit

Let's Play
Let's Play 961127
Grandma's Song
Grandma's Song 961127
Somebody 961127
Molybdenum 961127
Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 961127
Pictures Of The Sun
Pictures Of The Sun 961127
George Washington
George Washington 961127
Minnow 961127
New Found Friend
New Found Friend 961127
Goes Like This
Neither Do I
Mercy 961127
Giving Up
Giving Up 961127
Rain 961127
Turn And Walk Away
Turn And Walk Away 961127