Splinter Fish Preproduction Tape Mix

This is a dub off of the original 4-track cassettes soon after recording. Because of different tape decks used, the speed on these songs is slightly slower than the 4-track versions.

Track ListEdit

My High Horse
My High Horse (Pre-Mix)
Not A Subversive
Not A Subversive (Pre-Mix)
In The End
In The End (Pre-Mix)
While You Were Out
While You Were Out (Pre-Mix)
Psychic Generation
Psychic Generation (Pre-Mix)
Before The Dreaming
Before The Dreaming (Pre-Mix)
Dead Stop
Dead Stop (Pre-Mix)
Los Alamos
Los Alamos (Pre-Mix)
July (Pre-Mix)
Stories (Pre-Mix)
Mars (Pre-Mix)
Take Me
Take Me (Pre-Mix) copy
Scatter Dogs
Scatter Dogs (Pre-Mix)
Star Trek Reruns
Star Trek Reruns (Pre-Mix)
Vacant Flame
Vacant Flame (Pre-Mix)
Milo's Sunset
Milo's Sunset (Pre-Mix)
Talking Rain
Talking Rain (Pre-Mix)
Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect (proto) (Pre-Mix)
(Like A) Rock In My Mouth
Rock In My Mouth (Pre-Mix)