Splinter Fish at The Concrete Canoe, Las Cruces, NM, February 16, 1990.

This recording is a little echoey at times but overall isn't too bad. Jeff's bass was a little out of tune early on, then he broke a string during Ole!. This was recorded onto a Maxell XLII60 Cassette. A lot of the songs on this recording are incomplete due to the beginning or end of the song being cut off on the tape. Both Misery and Hey Now have truncated beginnings, but the majority of the song is there.

While the band was waiting for Jeff to change his bass string, Chuck played The Rainbo Bread Song, then someone yelled out "Freebird!" so he and Zoom played a very abbreviated instrumental version of that.


In The End
She Said, She Said (The Beatles)
Window On The World
Window On The World 900216
If I Had A Gun
If I Had A Gun 900216
Star Trek Reruns
Star Trek Reruns 900216
My High Horse
My High Horse 900216
You're A Soldier (Husker Du)
Neighborhood Thug
Neighborhood Thug 900216
Ole! 900216
The Rainbo Bread Song
The Rainbo Bread Song 900216
Freebird (Lynerd Skynerd)
Precious (The Pretenders)
Before The Dreaming
Before The Dreaming 900216
Talking Rain
Talking Rain 900216
Vacant Flame
Vacant Flame 900216
Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect 900216
Misery 900216
Engrossed In The Throes Of Cattle Worship
Cattle Worship 900216
Hey Now
Hey Now 900216
Got The Time (Joe Jackson)