Splinter Fish at The Fat Chance Bar & Grill, Albuquerque, NM, June 8, 1988. Opening for A Murder Of Crows

This is the first known recording of Splinter Fish, recorded onto a Maxell XLII90 Cassette. This show has three songs (All That Water and the two instrumentals Lands Afar, and How To Fuck Up Your Environment) which don't appear anywhere else.

Set ListEdit

Star Trek Reruns
A Different Highway
A Different Highway 880608
Vacant Flame
All That Water
All That Water 880608
What's The Matter With You (Split Enz)
Not A Subversive
Not A Subversive 880608
While You Were Out
While You Were Out 880608
My High Horse
My High Horse 880608
Lands Afar
Lands Afar 880608
She Said, She Said (The Beatles)
Mad Jack (The Chameleons)
Holiday By The Sea
Holiday By The Sea 880608
How To Fuck Up Your Environment
How To FU Your Environment 880608
Milo's Sunset
Milo's Sunset 880608
Scatter Dogs
Scatter Dogs 880608
Psychic Generation
Psychic Generation 880608