Splinter Fish at El Quinto Sol, Dixon, NM, Sometime in the Fall of 1990.

This was recorded on poor-quality cassettes which had already been used to record other things underneath this recording. It was captured on 4-track on 4 cassettes. The song order may not be correct, as the tapes were not labeled, and the entire show wasn't captured since the tapes ran out before the end of the sets. This was because Chuck was running the tape deck, so he'd hit "record", then just let it run.

This show marks an interesting point in the recorded history of Splinter Fish because it was the first time the songs Accidents Happen, Broken Movie Projector, Furniture, In The Day Of Your Heart, Komodo Madonna, Man, and Money And Murder were ever recorded and it was also the last time the songs Neighborhood Thug, Ole!, Psychic Generation, Stories, and Window On The World were ever recorded. It's also the only time Intrusion was ever recorded.

Recording InfoEdit

  • Track 1: Drum mix.
  • Track 2: Vocal mix (3 vocal mics, which also captured Debo's percussion.
  • Track 3: Amp-out from Jeff's Bass.
  • Track 4: Amp-out from Chuck's Guitar

Set ListEdit

Window On The World
Window On The World 900900
Star Trek Reruns
Star Trek Reruns 900900
If I Had A Gun
If I Had A Gun 900900
Right Place, Wrong Time (Dr. John)
Neighborhood Thug
Neighborhood Thug 900900
Ole! 900900
Broken Movie Projector
Broken Movie Projector 900900
Vacant Flame
Vacant Flame 900900
The Night Before (The Beatles)
Not A Subversive
Not A Subversive 900900
In The End
In The End 900900
Scatter Dogs
Scatter Dogs 900900
Got The Time (Joe Jackson)
Stories 900900
Furniture 900900
Before The Dreaming
Before The Dreaming 900900
Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
My High Horse
My High Horse 900900
Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect 900900
Intrusion 900900
Man 900900
Accidents Happen
Accidents Happen 900900
The Wait (The Pretenders)
Vindaloo Interview
Vindaloo Interview 900900
Money And Murder
Money And Murder 900900
Komodo Madonna
Komodo Madonna 900900
Misery 900900
Milo's Sunset
Milo's Sunset 900900
Precious (The Pretenders)
Psychic Generation
Psychic Generation 900900
Hey Now
Hey Now 900900
In The Day Of Your Heart
In The Day Of Your Heart 900900
Memories Can't Wait (Talking Heads a la Living Colour)
Bye Bye Bystander
Bye Bye Bystander 900900
Mars 900900
The Seismograph Song
The Seismograph Song 900900
Take Me
Take Me 900900
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)