Splinter Fish at The Bird, Albuquerque, NM, September 11, 1988

Most of the recordings from The Bird on Gibson Avenue suffer from having way too much reverb, and this one is no different. This was recorded onto a Maxell MX90 Cassette.

Zoom played this show with a broken right foot.

Set ListEdit

Not A Subversive
Not A Subversive 880911
Before The Dreaming
Before The Dreaming 880911
Mad Jack (The Chameleons)
Holiday By The Sea
Holiday By The Sea 880911
Take Me
Take Me 880911
Scatter Dogs
Scatter Dogs 880911
Milo's Sunset
One More Time (Joe Jackson)
In The End
In The End 880911
I Can't Explain (The Who)
Mars 880911
Vacant Flame
Vacant Flame 880911